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Our promise to you is this: Let us know what type of diamond you are comparing or searching for and allow us to find an incredible diamond at or below your budget. No gimmicks, pitches, or unrealistic claims. Just the absolute best price for an extraordinary diamond ring, studs, bracelet, or necklace.

We have relationships with the worlds finest diamond houses and can assist you with your request at any budget level. Traditional Diamonds, Rare Naturally Colored Diamonds or Antique Diamonds. Our sources are vast and our prices will speak for themselves. Contact us today and find out for yourself.

Diamonds at Madisonville Jewelers

Pre-owned Only Rolex, Cartier, & other fine watches available upon request.   Paying Higher Prices for your Gold!


"Trade in your old jewelry and design something new and exciting!
We specialize in custom jewelry work, which means you can talk to an expert jeweler
and design something unique and beautiful that you absolutely love. "